Are you a business owner or leader? Do you depend on others for the success of your organization? If so, the Intentional Business Relationships process offers you a tool to increase productivity and profitability in your organization.

Do you feel that at times you communicate “reactively” not intentionally during stressful times? Intentional business relationships are built on a foundation of:

  • full disclosure
  • appreciation
  • accountability
  • compassion

The intentional business relationship process includes a situation analysis, skills development, and application plan. The results are stunning – you will be a catalyst in transforming your
corporate culture.

With the support of your Intentional Business Relationships coach, you will master 3 critical skills:

  1. Conducting a Situation Analysis – identify the pockets of excellence in your organization along with the points of resistance. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the communication challenges in your organization.
  2. Understanding your current communication style – compare it to your purposeful and intentional style
  3. Creating an Intentional Communications Plan – incorporate the 5:1 praise to correct rule.

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