Definition of intentional: characterized by conscious design or purpose.

The Fit4love 10-point process:

Intentionality is brought to dating through our breakthrough program, Fit4love.  This process focuses on your strengths and your romantic needs and wants. You work individually, or in a group, with a certified relationship coach. There are 10 critical steps that build on each other to enhance your romantic relationships. The result? A fresh, informed and intentional approach to romance. With well-defined values and clarity in what YOU want in a relationship, never again feel uncertain about your core beliefs around relationships! Master these important techniques in just minutes each week.

The 10-point Fit4love Coaching process includes:
1. Complete a Relationship Scan — We all want to get a better understanding of ourselves! Review your past significant relationship. What did you learn? What jumps out at you now? This is really the starting point for a new way to “show up” in relationships!

2. Identify Common Characteristics — look closely at all of your former significant relationships. Identify common themes and patterns in past relationships. What went wrong? What went right?

3. Practice Being Intentional — Experience the unique rewards of living on purpose. Put the concept of intentionality to work today for tremendous benefits – in your life and those you interact with.

4. Build Your Strengths Inventory – Identify the gifts you bring to the table in a romantic situation! This is not the time to be humble – what are your unique qualities that will brighten and enhance any relationship?

5. Develop Your Values Inventory – How do you know if he or she is the ONE? Identify the values that are “show stoppers” for you in any relationship. Become clear on your 10 most important values. Learn techniques to assess whether a potential partner shares these values.

6. Enlist a Relationship Support System – Develop your support “village” – a team of several close friends or family members. Your “village” helps you debrief after a date. Were there any red flags? Were there conflicting values? Do you want to see this person again – for the right reasons?

7. Assess Your Dating Skills & Attitudes — Identify your strengths and challenges in the areas of social, dating, and intimacy Skills.  Are you ready to meet your perfect partner?  During this phase you will also develop a skills enrichment action plan.

8. Resource Building – Master the skills of attraction using visualization and other techniques; learn to use powerful open-ended questions on your dates; review potential “red flags” to assess compatibility early in the relationship.

9. Complete the RU4me TM Form — Analyze each date with support from your coach. Did you follow your guidelines? Are your values in synch? Are you ignoring any red flags? Do you want to see this person again – why or why not?

10. Evaluate Your Successes and Identify Growth Opportunities – Celebrate your growth! You are creating new and healthier patterns! (This isn’t easy stuff…) Continue to identify areas for improvement in your relationships! You and your new budding relationships are worth it!

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