How Important is Coaching Certification?

While you do not have to be certified in order to become a life coach, it certainly has an advantage. The biggest thing it brings is trust and/or credibility.

Just think about when you go out shopping. Do you consider the brand? Absolutely. There are certain brands you trust, and others you don’t. It works the same way when getting a job. They want to see what education and experience you have.

Coaching clients are the same.

They will feel much better knowing that you have some sort of accreditation and experience. Especially if you have a track record for success.

Te International Coach Federation (ICF) is a popular certification authority, offering these 3 levels of certification:

1. Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

2. Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

3. Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Once you have a coaching designation, think about continuing education.  The field is rapidly changing, and it’s important to keep up.  Our most recent continuing education program, the Fit4Love coach’s certification has been approved by the ICF.  It’s an opportunity for life coaches to expand their offerings and include relationship coaching for singles.  Stay tuned for more details.


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