Intentional Relationships

What are Intentional Relationships?
Have you ever experienced driving your car to a destination and been so preoccupied that you don’t remember anything about the drive itself? There you were performing an important (sometimes dangerous) task without being fully conscious of your actions! We’ve all done this but, if you think about it, we can often do the same thing with our relationships. Have you ever been in cruise-control in a relationship? You’ve flipped on the autopilot and tended to everything else in your life BUT the relationship. How did things work out? If you’re like most of us, not very well. Because while the relationship was on autopilot it took a nose dive, stalled out and you just couldn’t get it back on track. In such cases such there is often a lack of being present – of being in the moment – fully conscious in the relationship. Intentional Relationships are relationships with PURPOSE.

We are conscious and present in these relationships and tuned into our principles and values. We enter a relationship in a purposeful way bringing the best of ourselves to the relationship. This applies to all of your relationships. We act with purpose. Intentional Relationships are mutually rewarding – not rewarding for just one person. By following a simple series of steps, you will bring intentionality – purpose – to all of your relationships – romantic, personal, and business.